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Manage e-signature workflows with eSignAnyWhere

Our enterprise platform enables you to choose the best solution for every channel, business process, and department need, while still maintaining all the advantages of a homogeneous platform. All products are built on the same core technology and can be easily integrated with each other.

Online sales, onboarding and e-signing of contracts with LiveID

Integrate online sales, client on-boarding and contract signing in a single process - whether on smartphone, tablet, PC or kiosk.

  • Filters potential buyers out of the crowd of all website visitors
  • Online video-consultation to turn these potential buyers into actual ones
  • Identify clients using scripted onboarding procedures such as required by eKYC processes to meet national anti-money laundering regulations
  • Online e-signing with eSignAnyWhere - supported by online video consulting to avoid late drop-outs with signing complex contracts
Native Apps

Biometric Signature - even Qualified!

Live handwritten biometric signatures are best used in cases where both contracting parties meet face-to-face.

  • Delivers a signing experience that’s closest to a paper signature
  • Behavioral biometrics captured from one's handwritten signature allow (real-time) signature verification to identify the signatory
  • Strong asymmetric encryption including document binding ensure signatures and signed documents are tamper safe
  • Turn a handwritten signature into a qualified signature legally equivalent to wet-ink through real-time authentication of a remote certificate

Tablets - iOS, Android & Windows

  • Read, edit and sign documents directly on the mobile device
  • Use pure native apps to work offline - even when using a back-end server
  • Use online hybrid apps to minimize deployment efforts across all 3 platforms
  • Apply palm protection even with a capacitive stylus
  • Open documents created on your POS PC automatically through push or pull
Native Apps

Transform a smartphone into a signature pad

  • Read and edit documents on any computer and capture biometric signatures through a smartphone
  • Connect the smartphone to the computer either over the internet or locally via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
  • See the document background while signing with finger, capacitive stylus, or a pressure pen
  • Native app on iOS, Android, and Windows can be installed in seconds
Signature monitor

Signature monitors – 10’’ or bigger

  • Review and sign documents directly on the signature monitor - without interfering with the primary display of the POS PC
  • See what is happening on the signature monitor through a screen-sharing window on the primary display and assist if necessary
  • Automatically switch the signature monitor into “advertising mode” to display slide shows or video clips during idle operation
  • Integrate with desktop and Web applications that are virtualized through Citrix, RDP, or VMWare Horizon on Windows and Linux
Sign Pads

Signature pads – up to 5’’ screen size

  • Review and edit documents on any computer and sign on a signature pad
  • Browse and zoom the pages even on the signature pad
  • See the document background while signing on the signature pad
  • Integrate with desktop and Web applications that are virtualized through Citrix, RDP, or VMWare Horizon on Windows and Linux

Real-time biometric signature verification

  • Authenticate users simply based on their handwritten signature captured on smartphones, tablets, or signature devices
  • Process transactions only if signatories are successfully authenticated against a pre-enrolled signature profile
  • Use a verification system that automatically adapts to gradual shifts in signature behavior over time
  • Reliably prove verification results in the signed PDF through logging the signed response message and a server-side evidence book

Process Signature

Signature Capture in HTML5 with Server-side Evidence Book

HTML5 signatures are best used in cases where the signatory needs to sign remotely on their own device.

  • Enable your clients to sign on their own device without having to install any software
  • Use any HTML5 compliant device for signing, including smartphones or traditional PCs
  • Authenticate signers and then simply allow them to execute signatures with Click-to-Sign, Type-to-Sign or Draw-to Sign
  • Provide reliable process evidence through logging all user actions into a signed & secure service-side evidence book

Enable clients to sign remotely on their device

  • Distribute only secure links that reference server-side documents instead of the PDFs themselves
  • Use advanced authentication methods such as eID, SMS-OTP, video or other methods whenever required
  • Optionally require clients to access their email to receive the links to the documents requiring their signature
  • Automatically notify recipients and alert sender if envelopes are not completed on schedule
Sign remotely

Host meetings in-person

  • Enable clients to read, edit and sign documents on your computer or tablet simply inside your Web application
  • No need to download or install anything on your computer
  • Log proof of identification and authentication of the signatory together with the details of each document’s history in a signed audit trail that provides process evidence for legal proof
In Person Signing

Digital signatures with personalized certificates

Digital signatures with a signing certificate issued the signatory are required in the EU for Qualified e-Signatures. Additionally, they are the only choice when the signature must be verifiable by the reader of a document inside Adobe Reader without the help of any external tools or server-side logs.

  • Use user managed certificates issued from the CA of your choice or issue certificates on the fly and simplify their usage through a remote signing environment managed by Namirial TSP
  • Sign files in compliance to the PAdES, XAdES or CAdeES standard
  • Provide best user experience to readers of signed documents through Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL) compliant signing certificates
  • Sign documents legally equivalent to wet-ink using a qualified signing certificate - managed locally or even remotely (eIDAS compliant)
Personal Certificate

Remote signing - managed by Namirial Trust Service Provider (TSP)

  • Issue qualified signing certificates on the spot during a business negotiation – after the recipient has been identified, either face-to-face or using Live Video Identification
  • Choose between disposable certificates valid for a specific business situation or durable certificates, valid for three years
  • Run the remote signing environment that manages the personal signing certificates and that signs document hashes, either on your own premises or as a Cloud service
  • Authenticate the remote certificate to execute a (qualified) e-signature with a biometric signature or a one-time-password (SMS)
Remote Signature

Local signing - with certificates provided by the Certificate Authority of your choice

  • Use user managed certificates issued from the CA of your choice e.g. on smart cards or USB token in a client-side Web application
  • Configurable signature imprint
  • Access to the local certificate, either directly or via Windows certificate store
  • Support for a wide range of national eIDs and smart cards
local signing

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