Certificate-based Signatures

Typical Use Cases

  • To enable E-signing within your organization based on employees' existing digital certificates (smart card, USB token, software certificate, HSM)
  • To send a document to an external recipient for signature using digital certificates for signing to increase legal compliance

Apply a Customizable Stamp Imprint

  • Out of the box, SIGNificant supports several stamp imprint orientations like normal, vertical, and horizontal, with predefined details like signer’s name and date/time, so you can make the stamp imprint fit perfectly into different document types.
  • Additional individual stamp imprints can easily be added to SIGNificant via a user exit with nearly any look, feel, and content.

Speed Up Your Processes

  • You can start your e-signature process with a document set produced from your core system. Once signed, the document ends up where it needs to be.
  • Signing fields and logic — the basics of the signing ceremony — are added to the document before e-signing.
  • Fill in your form fields and allow automated form data extraction of signed documents. Form data to be edited can also be prefilled from external applications before e-signing.
  • Add scans of driver's license, passport, or any other attachment

Straightforward Integration

  • Some businesses might choose our purely desktop-based approach. But for most use cases the server-based approach is preferred, as it provides the following advantages:
    • The integration with existing systems is purely server-side, the natural choice for a server-based back-end architecture
    • The PDF document is only stored in the data-center and not automatically distributed to the clients
    • A Java Applet automatically detects the digital certificate in the Windows certificate store of the signer. If signers have more than one digital certificate installed, they can choose the one they want to use for signing. The signer's computer only needs to run a compatible Web browser. For some digital certificates - e.g. a smart card - you need a middleware to make the certificate accessible via the certificate store. This middleware typically comes with the digital certificate.
  • Alos supports clients connected through Citrix or RDP and avoids packet loss resulting from the latency of production networks.
  • Available as an on-premises installation or a cloud-based solution.

Can be implemented via the following products

  • Server-based On-Premises or Cloud
    • eSignAnyWhere Viewer
  • Local Installation
    • xyzmo Client