LiveID - Online Sales, Onboarding and e-Contrating

Typical use cases

  • Automated identification of potential customers from the crowd of all web site visitors using chatbots
  • Online video consulting with collaboration tools to turn these prospective customers into actual ones
  • Online onboarding of these customers by means of video legitimation according to scripted specifications for compliance with anti-money laundering regulations (e. g. national eKYC processes)
  • Online contract conclusion with eSignAnyWhere - supported by online video consulting to avoid drop-outs with complex contracts

Automated identification of potential customers with chatbots

  • Filter potential customers from the crowd of all web site visitors using chatbots
  • Fully automated using artificial intelligence (AI) that allows chatbots to intelligently respond to questions of Web site visitors
  • Google Chatbot or integration of a third-party ones using plug-in technology

Online video consulting with collaboration tools to win new customers

  • Provide real-time, personal sales support in online business through text, voice and video chat - optionally with virtual advisors who can also use video avatars with chat bots
  • Share documents online and see in real time which part of the document the customer is currently viewing or where markups are placed
  • Share entire screen contents, e. g. to integrate existing web applications
  • Share camera content so that your consultants can see what your customers see
  • Seamlessly switch to an eKYC script to start the onboarding process with the customer's consent
  • Define rules to automatically integrate the right consultants or enable a handover (e. g. between online consultant and eKYC operator)

Onboard new customers simply online to reduce drop out rates

  • Perform the video identification procedure in a verifiable and reliable manner every time, exactly as prescribed by the national regulatory authorities
  • Ensure that all results are saved in accordance with national regulatory requirements
  • You can either use your own call center to carry out the identifications or use the one from Namirial
  • Request an eIDAS-compliant qualified signature certificate from Namirial TSP, with which you can sign documents immediately (compliant with written form) during the video session using eSignAnyWhere

Online contract e-signing with eSignAnyWhere

  • Accompany the conclusion of a contract with a video call including document sharing to avoid drop-outs of complex contracts
  • See in real time which part of the document the signer is currently viewing
  • Support customers in real-time when e-signing documents with eSignAnyWhere
  • Back up WebRTC data (video, chat, document sharing protocols) if required to provide the best possible process evidence even for non-qualified e-signatures

On-Premise or SaaS

  • Use LiveID as a pure SaaS application or run the "on-premise" solution in your own data center
  • Use LiveID with your own online consultants or use a call center from us - LiveID’s pure HTML5 clients support both scenarios well as they do not require any installation
  • Use Namirial's long-term archive - StrongDox – to preserve all recordings or integrate your own using API