E-Signing for Signature Pads

Typical Use Cases

  • To capture handwritten signatures in a branch or store at the POS
  • For field agents that meet clients on the go to get documents signed in person
  • To enhance existing desktop or server-based applications

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Capture Handwritten Signatures on Signature Pads

  • SIGNificant records the handwritten signature of a person using behavioral biometrical parameters, such as acceleration, speed, and rhythm. This makes the digitized signature forensically identifiable
  • Show the document and allow page browsing on color pads
  • We also provide signature verification that authenticates a signature against a pre-enrolled signature profile database in real time
  • Sign documents using qualified remote certifiates authenticated through biometric signature verification
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Speed Up Your Processes

  • You can start your e-signature process with a document set produced from your core system. Once signed, the document ends up where it needs to be.
  • Signing fields and logic — the basics of the signing ceremony — are added to the document before it is signed by the customer.
  • Fill in your form fields and allow automated form data extraction of signed documents. Form data to be edited can also be prefilled from external applications before e-signing.
  • Add scans of driving license, passport or any other attachment

Bank-grade Security

  • The biometrical signature data is encrypted asymmetrically using a public key directly while the signature is being record.
  • The signature is always securely bound to a unique document.
  • To prevent sniffing of the captured biometric data from the signature tablet, we offer the security mechanisms ranging from encrypting the communication between the signature pad and the computer to end-to-end encryption of the signature data on the pad itself.
  • We show the relevant part of the document as the background image on signature pads to provide a visual link between the signature and the document for the signer.
  • On many signature pads we enable signers to browse through the whole document on the signature pad if they want to.
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No Vendor Lock-In

  • SIGNificant is device-independent it can be used with a broad range of signature capturing devices from various manufacturers.
  • Some processes require basic signature pads, while others require more advanced devices.
  • SIGNificant addresses this issue with a modular architecture that enables the introduction of new devices by developing small device drivers that do not change the core solution itself. 
  • This solution ensures easy support and upgrades - even the complete exchange of devices with other vendors.
  • Biometric signatures can be exported according to the ISO/IEC 19794-7 standard for biometric signature exchange, providing full vendor independence of the signed documents.

Straightforward Integration

  • Load and sign documents either on the desktop through a local SDK or desktop application, or load and sign documents using a signing server that streams them to its clients
  • Use the native .NET or Java APIs of the local siging SDK, or the command-line and printing interface with the desktop application, which also provide an MS Office plugin
  • Use the device SDKs available in .NET or Java to integrate signature capture in your own document display software
  • Automatically detects the signature capturing devices from numerous vendors
  • Enable regular signpads without local buffer on thin clients using Citrix, RDP or VMWare Horizon and avoid packet loss resulting from the latency of production networks.
  • Available as an on-premise installation or provided as a cloud-based solution.

Products for Signature Pads

  • Server-based On-Premises or Cloud
    • SIGNificant Server with Web Signing Interface
    • SIGNificant Server with SignAnywhere Viewer
    • SIGNificant Server with Device SDK (.NET or Java)
  • Local Installation
    • xyzmo Client for Windows Classic
    • xyzmo Signing SDK for Windows (.NET or Java)
    • xyzmo Device SDK for Windows (.NET or Java) and Linux (Java)

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