Qualified Trust Service Provider (eIDAS certified)

Namirial Trust Service
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Namirial TSP

Namirial Spa is a Qualified Trust Service Provider as defined in the EU regulation eIDAS 910/2014. Its business unit "Trust Service Provider" (Namirial TSP) is certified and has been granted qualified status in the European Trust List. It's trust services include:

Optionally you may integrate SIGNificant with trust services from 3rd party suppliers. Trust services from Namirial TSP are already integrated with SIGNificant and are tailored to each other.


Certificate Authority (CA) for digital signing certificates

  • Qualified trust service provider according to eIDAS 910/2014 (accred. by AgID)
  • Qualified certificates are compliant with the Adobe Approved Trusted List (AATL)
  • User-managed and remote certificates managed on behalf of the signatory
  • Disposable remote certificates (valid for 60 minutes) with simplified authentication
  • Video identification by a local registration authority (LRA) to enable the issuance of a qualified certificate over the Internet
  • Simplify or waive (when doing KYC for AML) the required identification for certificates that have a “limitation of use” (e.g. only valid for use between the holder and the bank)

Qualified Remote Digital Signing through Namirial RES²

  • Manage qualified signing certificates server-side, on behalf of the signatory
  • Deploy as a SaaS service from the Namirial Cloud or as an on-premise installation
  • Validate users when executing their durable qualified certificates with two-factor authentication (PIN & OTP)
  • Automatically manage the PIN for disposable certificates that can only be used for a single business case (60 minutes). Qualified e-signing simply with SMS.
  • Use approved biometric authentication such as methods provided by the SIGNificant Biometric Server rather than OTP authentication
  • Directly use remote certificates with eSignAnyWhere
Qualified Remote Signature

Qualified sealing

  • Issued to an organization instead of an individual
  • Typically used together with a biometric or HTML5 signature, as those e-signature technologies identify the signatory using other means
  • Qualified sealing certificates managed server-side on a qualified e-signature creation device.
  • Qualified sealing certificates are compliant with the Adobe Approved Trusted List (AATL)

Qualified time stamps

  • Qualified time stamps according to eIDAS 910/2014 (ETSI EN 319_401, 411-1, 411-2, 421, 422)
  • Binds data to a particular time, establishing evidence that the subject data existed at the asserted time
  • Useful to ensure legal validity of data when archiving documents or executing and signing electronic documents, especially documents which legally require such measures
Private Key

Private key management

  • Issues a custom biometric protection certificate (public and private key) and safely stores the private key in RES² and in order to ensure data durability, on three smart cards stored in three diverse locations
  • Access to the private key is only possible through customer interaction with the trust center
  • Provides credible evidence which can be validated by experts in court in the event of a legal dispute

Video identification through Namirial ViSI

  • Identify new users who require a qualified signing certificate issued online, and enable them to close transactions that require a qualified signature on the spot
  • Onboard new customers via the Web in cases where you must validate their identity (KYC) for anti-money-laundering (AML) purposes
  • Manage video identification with your own call center or with a fully managed service (available in multiple languages)
  • Clients require only an HTML5 browser supporting WebRTC or an iOS app
  • Store all assets required by local regulators for compliance with national AML laws (e.g., German BaFin) and the European eIDAS 910/2014 regulation to issue qualified e-signing certificates
Video Identification
Long Term Archive

Long term archiving

  • Protect & preserve all documents generated while performing digital business transactions
  • Make those documents easily searchable
  • Accredited by AgID for Long-Term Archiving/Digital Preservation Services
  • SaaS, high-availability, multi-company solution built to archive large volumes of documents