LiveID – Online Video Client Identification and Collaboration

Typical Use Cases

  • Onboard new clients online in compliance to national “Know-Your-Customer” (KYC) rules established by federal financial supervisory agencies for anti-money-laundering (AML) purposes.
  • Identify individuals over the Internet to issue them an eIDAS complaint qualified signing certificate online enabling them to sign documents with their qualified e-signature on the spot
  • Combine online customer engagement, collaboration, identification & real-time e-signing on documents within a single video-based online platform.

Fulfil financial KYC rules to satisfy AML regulations

  • Execute the identification procedures required to fulfil the KYC/AML regulations in your country (e.g. German BaFin)
  • Store all assets as required by national regulators
  • Either user your own human identification operators or consume a fully managed service provided by Namirial (available in multiple languages in selected countries)

Issue qualified signing certificates online

  • Become a Local Registration Authority (LRA) for Namirial Trust Service Provider (TSP) and identify certificate holders through a video call to issue them a qualified signing certificate online
  • Apply security procedures approved by the supervisory body of the Qualified Trust Service Provider to mitigate the risk of frauds and identity theft.
  • Integrate with the Namirial RES² for qualified remote digital signing to sign documents directly in the video call in compliance to written ink-form
  • Use qualified disposable certificates to enable customers to sign qualified with a single SMS - guarantees best user friendliness at the lowest cost
  • Use eSignAnyWhere to comfortably read and sign multiple documents with the just issued qualified certificate simply in your Web browser

Onboard new clients online to avoid drop-offs

  • Avoid media breach with a pure online process from start to end
  • Clients require only an Internet connected device with a Web cam and a HTML5 browser supporting WebRTC or an iOS app
  • Complete the identification and onboarding process in minutes simply on your personal PC, tablet or smartphone

Follow a simple standardized online identification process


The standard process to issue qualified signature certificates involves the following steps (adaptable to national KYC rules):

  • Get client consent
  • Ensure video session integrity through simple Q&As
  • Verify IP address and detect geolocation
  • Take photos from IDs and copy document data
  • Ensure authenticity of ID documents (hologram & lamination check, etc.)
  • Face vs photo ID validation
  • Signature verification against the signature printed on the ID
  • One time password (OTP) device registration and confirmation

Provide reliable proof of identification

  • Store result assets either in a Long Term Archive (LTA) provides by Namirial as a SaaS service or using your own LTA on-premise
  • Provide a signed audit trail referencing all user interactions to reliably prove successful client identification

On-Premise or SaaS

  • Use LiveID as a pure SaaS application or run the "on-premise" solution in your own data center
  • Use LiveID with your own online consultants or use a call center from us - LiveID’s pure HTML5 clients support both scenarios well as they do not require any installation
  • Use Namirial's long-term archive - StrongDox – to preserve all recordings or integrate your own using API