Signature Verification by a Forensic Expert

SIGNificant PenAnalyst

  • For signature verification by a forensic expert
  • Delivered as Windows Desktop product
  • One license is included free of charge for all enterprise customers

How it Works

  • SIGNificant records the handwritten signature of a person by parameters of pressure, acceleration, speed, and rhythm. These parameters are unique to every individual and cannot be easily reproduced by a forger. A forged signature is usually created by either tracing an existing signature or simply trying to re-create the signature by memory.
  • Either way, a forged signature can be characterized as either "accurate and slow or fast but inaccurate"
  • SIGNificant is able to record the time that it takes someone to write their signature, which means that a side-by-side comparison of a legitimate signature and a forgery will be quick and simple, because typically the signature will either appear visually correct but the time-stamp slower or the time stamp will be correct but the signature will be visually inaccurate.
  • Of course, the speed at which someone generates a signature is not the only characteristic considered when analyzing possible forgeries. Some other items include the size, connecting strokes, and proportions of the original signature
  • All of these parameters are recorded by SIGNificant and are retrievable for a forensic examiner using a tool called PenAnalyst which is provided if the need arises.