Guide Signers through the Process

Adding Markers for Requested Informations and Signature Fields

  • Avoiding printing, faxing, and scanning is only one big advantage of going digital
  • Another huge benefit is the ability to guide signers through the process and avoid incomplete documents, which typically incur high costs for post-treatment

How it Works

  • You can define all signature fields by placing a marker in the right position in th document and specifying who has to sign each signature field. Furthermore, you can make each signature field either optional or mandatory.
  • If you are uploading a PDF file with Form Fields, SIGNificant automatically detects the fields and converts them into markers. For each form field, you can specify who has to fill it out, in which order it must be signed, and whether filling it out is mandatory or optional.
  • The same logic applies to groups of form fields. If you define a group of form fields, you can apply all the settings described above for the whole group you do not have to do it individually for each form field. That's especially useful for a document with a large number of form fields.
  • You can request supporting documents from your recipients and allow them to provide those documents by uploading them as attachments to the document during the signing process
  • You can place approval markers on the document, where you want the recipient to approve sections of documents without placing a signature or initials on the document. If the recipient clicks the Approve marker during the signing process, the recipient is considered to have approved this section of the document.
  • You can define policies to enable or forbid certain actions, such as making annotations or saving, e-mailing, and printing a document.
  • And much more ...