E-Signing Desktop Application (SIGNificant Client)

The SIGNificant Client enables signing and sealing electronic documents using a broad range of signature-capturing devices from various manufacturers, in addition to digital certificates. The SIGNificant Client is especially suited for professionals whose working conditions don’t include online connectivity on a regular basis or for those who wish to work offline.


The SIGNificant Suite creates an environment that allows document exchange between the SIGNificant Client and the web interface of the SIGNificant Server; thus, the signing process can start with one tool and continue with the other, depending on the working conditions.


It's That Easy:

1. Open any Document for Signing

  • In order to sign a PDF document, you simply open it in the SIGNificant Client and either sign immediately, or design the document on the fly according to your needs before you have it signed. 
  • The SIGNificant Client is equipped with a universal PDF converter. It enables a quick document conversion functionality, using a toolbar that plugs into office applications or the installed printer driver.


2. Capture a Handwritten Signature or  Apply a Customizable Seal Imprint

  • Next, capture your handwritten signature using a Tablet-PC or a broad range of signature pads from various manufacturers. 
  • Alternatively, you can seal documents with a customizable seal imprint (Approved, Declined,..) using either the out-of-the-box xyzmo digital certificate or a personal one located in your certificate store.


3. You're Done! 

  • The document is now signed and sealed against future modifications and can be viewed and verified by any external user using the free Adobe Reader. The signed document can be stored on your local computer and uploaded to the company’s server at a later stage.






On the Fly Signing/Stamping and Document Design On the Fly Signing/Stamping and Document Design

The user can choose to sign/stamp a document instantly or define signers and signature fields according to their needs. This capability is extremely useful for last minute modifications.

Versatile Signing Methods Versatile Signing Methods

Using the SIGNificant Client, documents can be signed either with a handwritten signature or with a personal (digital) certificate.

Multiple Signatures per Document Multiple Signatures per Document

A document requiring multiple signatures can be signed by different users, just as a paper document can be.

Easy Navigation Easy Navigation

Who the signers are and the signature fields defined for the current document are displayed in a separate area, with easy navigation between these fields.

PDF Conversation PDF Conversation /
Printer Driver

The SIGNificant Client is equipped with a printer driver, enabling conversion of any printable content to PDF format.

Signature Verification Signature Verification

SIGNificant records the signature of a person using all available parameters, such as acceleration, speed, and rhythm. If there is a dispute about a captured signature, an expert tool is available to forensically analyze the biometric characteristics of the captured signature. This capability can be taken one step further, with real–time verification of a captured signature against a signature profile stored in a database to ensure that only authorized people can actually sign a document.

Add attachments Add attachments

Add scans of driving license, passport or any other photo out of your photo gallery. If your tablet has a camera you are able to attach any current photo.

Fill out and sign PDF forms Fill out and sign PDF forms

Complete your PDF forms and allow automated forms data extraction of signed documents.

Freehand and Text Annotations Freehand and Text Annotations

Lets you enter text and freehand annotations anywhere on a PDF document.

Powerful Parsing for Signature Fields based on Text in the Document or other Markers Powerful Parsing for Signature Fields based on Text in the Document or other Markers

Parsing can search for (and optionally remove) strings from a PDF document. This is used to obtain the position of a signature field in a document.

Email support Email support

After e-signing, you email your signed document right back from the Client or to the next signer.

Full PDF and PDF/A Conformance Full PDF and PDF/A Conformance

The document is Adobe Acrobat compatible, so it can be viewed by any standard PDF viewer. PDF documents are sealed with a digital signature compliant to the ISO standards for PDFs. Thus the validity of a digital signature can be validated with Adobe Reader and many other PDF viewers.

Verify Verify

Verify an electronic document before you sign it to know if it is valid.

Document Binding Document Binding

When a signature, including all these biometric parameters, is captured locally on the device, it is safely embedded using an asynchronous public key encryption into and uniquely bound to the target PDF document. Copy/paste attacks can thus be easily detected.

Password Protection for PDFs Password Protection for PDFs

You can password-protect PDF documents after e-signing with SIGNificant Client and vice versa open already password-protected PDFs for e-signing as long as you know the password.

Content Protection Content Protection

Protect the integrity of PDF documents by sealing them with a digital signature. Supports any x509v3 certificate provided through the Windows certificate store of SIGNificant Server or through the web service interface of a client (e.g. a certificate stored in a HSM or on a local desktop PC).

Skinning Skinning

The user interface can be adapted and matched to your corporate identity. Every element of the user interface can be easily modified.