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Gartner IAM Market Analysis (incl. Digital Signature Aspects)

Summary of the Analysis By: Gregg Kreizman

The benefits of implementing electronic signatures can include improved business process efficiency, enhanced user convenience and demonstrable record integrity. The operational efficiency gains can lead to competitive advantage when, for example, an insurance company that can take application forms signed online can get customers faster than a competitor who does not accept online forms. Electronic signatures are often implemented as important but small components of business processes automation, online forms acceptance, office document automation and collaborative workflows.

However, there is no single market for electronic signatures. When enterprises choose to augment established processes with electronic signatures, there is a range of solutions to choose from:

    • Signature functionality might be built into the enterprise's current ERP, BPM, ECM or collaborative systems, or may be provided by these system vendors' partners.
    • Enterprises may have a custom application fully deployed, but are missing functionality that executes the e-signature, and can purchase or develop a simple signing component.
    • Enterprises can buy e-signature platform software from e-signature suite vendors that manage the entire process of authenticating a signer, managing signature workflow to multiple signers, gain consent, execute the signatures, send signed content to a content management system, and provide an audit trail for all events. These platforms tend to be favored by companies that have multiple processes requiring signatures and that are prepared to support a platform centrally.
    • Similarly, enterprises can use e-signature SaaS offerings designed to provide comparable capabilities to suites.


xyzmo is not "only" mentioned by Gartner, but trusted by the world's most respected brands

T-Mobile USA Inc.
launched an ambitious program in the company’s more than 1,500 nationwide corporate stores which drastically reduces the activation time of new cell phones from 35 minutes to only 5 minutes. Being an integral part of this program, xyzmo provides a unique, secure, reliable and scalable e-signature technology that is fully integrated into T-Mobile USA Inc’s existing activation platform, allowing T-Mobile to process all new Service Agreements and sales-receipts in all corporate stores nationwide (currently more than 10,000 point of sales stations) completely electronically.

KPN, a leading Telecommunications and ICT Provider in the Netherlands, embedded xyzmo SIGNificant electronic signature solution in all of their stores. The project has won the famous ICT award 2009 in the Netherlands.

Phoenix, Israel’s Largest Insurance Company, is using SIGNificant Signature Solutions for its Field Agents (approx. 600 agents with more than 2,000 signing stations), thus considerably increasing the number of insurance policies closed due to the immediacy of signing and processing sales forms 'on the spot'.

Nashua Mobile has become the first telecommunications service provider in South Africa to offer a completely paperless process for customers that are signing up for cellular contracts.

IBM Italy has launched a joint solution with xyzmo, called “Trusted Real-Sign”. This signature solution replaces the concept of traditional paper-based signing with an electronic alternative, and solves the challenge of signing electronic documents securely while simultaneously reducing the costs and labor associated with paper-based processes. Gruppo Cabel – a centralized service for regional banks – has already decided to implement this solution as the first mover in the banking industry in Italy.

And many more including Vodafone, Cosmote, The Phonehouse, BelCompany, AMP, Perkin Elmer, Fiat, Cosmote, Merkur Insurance Group, Bred Bank (Banque Populaire), Tatra Bank, Bank Leumi, Bank Hapaloim, Simobil, Mobitel, Sony DADC, Lafarge, Fornius, Mayr Melnhof, Maquet, LKW Walter, Quester, ÖBB, First Global Bank, ...