Free E-Signature App on Android for Consumers

Enterprises can utilize this infrastructure and launch their own e-signature mobile offering

Given the broad use of smartphones and tablets, it seems old-fashioned to print a document only to physically sign it, then fax or scan the document back into electronic format just to capture a signature. SIGNificant brings signatures into the modern age. Just capture a handwritten signature with SIGNificant on your Android device. It could not be easier, or more secure.

Users simply download the App from the Android market, open the document or e-mail attachment they want to e-sign on their smartphone or tablet and use their touchscreen to sign the document with a digitized handwritten signature. As an alternative to signing with a finger, users can also use various styluses, which are already available on the market. Users can sign received PDF documents, or obtain a signature from a client themselves. Once e-signing is finished, the e-signed document can be emailed to a user-chosen recipient, stored on the devices or sent to services like Dropbox™.

A captured handwritten signature with SIGNificant 4 Android is much more than just an electronic image of a digitized signature embedded into a PDF. SIGNificant records the handwritten signature of a person using all available parameters like acceleration, speed, pressure and rhythm. These parameters are unique to every individual and cannot be easily reproduced by a forger. Once a signature that includes all of these biometric parameters is captured locally on the device, it is embedded into the PDF and is digitally signed with a digital certificate on the xyzmo servers. Any recipient of a PDF signed by SIGNificant can verify the signature and content integrity of this PDF anywhere at any time with the free Adobe Reader™, making unrecognized post-signing manipulations impossible.

Enterprises can utilize this xyzmo infrastructure and launch their own e-signature offering, as well as Apps based on it. The infrastructure supports, in addition to Android devices also e-signing on the iPad, traditional signature pads from various manufacturers and electronic signatures for web transactions.